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5 Basketball Dribbling Techniques That Give You Untouchable ...

Enter a defensive dribble stance with your body between the defender and the basketball. 2. Point your inside shoulder to the defender’s chest. 3. Keep your chin on your inside shoulder to ...

Basketball Dribbling Skills for Blowing by Your Opponent

This dribble is best utilized whenever your opponent is in close proximity to you on the basketball court. Step 1: Dribble the ball between your legs from right to left. Step 2: Fake with the ball, shoulders, and legs towards the left as the ball passes between your legs.

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How to Dribble a Basketball (7-Step Guide + Drills)

How to Dribble a Basketball in 7 Steps. Step #1 - Spread and Relax Your Fingers. The first step in learning how to dribble a basketball is to relax your fingers and make sure they’re spread out evenly on the basketball. Young kids have a tendency to keep their fingers together unless they’re taught otherwise.

Basketball dribbling tips, drills, and techniques to improve ...

Power dribbling sprints This drill requires you to power dribble for an extended period of time and run back and forth on the basketball court. Stand at one end of a basketball court. Dribble to the nearest foul line, and then return to the baseline. Dribble to the middle of the court, and then return to the baseline from which you started.

Basketball Tactics 101 For New Players Learn Right Now

Triangle Offense. The attackers from a triangle of three players, this offense is a popular attack strategy in basketball. This is usually formed by the center, a forward, and a guard. The players are usually positioned close to the basket (in a corner of the playing field next to the basket and on the wing).

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Video Clips ...

Dropstep Dribble - (works on footwork and ballhanding) Chair Curl - This is another great multi use drill. It combines shooting, ball handling and speed and high intensity change in direction. Chair Curl Phase 2 (With 2 Chairs) Two Ball Dribbling Drills & Moves - Excellent way to improve one on one moves.

A Beginner’s Guide to Basketball Tactics for New Players and ...

This type of defensive tactic creates “zones” on the basketball court. Each zone becomes the responsibility of one player. In a standard 2-3 zone, for example, two players are near the top of the key, guarding any offensive player that ventures into their zone.

Basketball skills – Sport skills and tactics

Technique 1- Dribbling with the ball in space (no opponent/pressure) Preparatory phase-Have your knees bent as having a lower centre of gravity increases your agility, helping you to move quicker with/on the ball.