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9v9 youth soccer position and numbers. The positions and numbers for the players in a 9v9 youth soccer game are: 1 – Goalkeeper ; 2 – Right side defender; 3 – Left side defender; 4 – Central defender; 5 – Left side midfielder; 6 – Central midfielder; 7 – Right side midfielder; 8 – Center forward; 9 – Striker/playmaker; Youth soccer positions: 11v11

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Keep your best players in the "Center" positions (Center Fullback, Stopper, Center Midfield, Center Forward ). The team that controls the Center usually wins. Let your opponent have the "wings" (sidelines), in fact, encourage it.

Teaching positions to young soccer players (U-9, U-10, U-11)

Those were the days of 11-on-11 games for the younger ages. Now, most of the youth leagues, depending on the group, play games with fewer players on the field. I believe, contrary to popular belief, that you should spend some time teaching younger teams the different positions in soccer.

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The biggest drawback to 4-2-3-1, in youth soccer, is managing the wide spaces between your right and left back and the three attacking midfields. If the outside backs don’t push up and the attacking mids see themselves as forwards and don’t track back at all, it leaves a lot of work for the two holding mids as they need to really move well laterally when defending.

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In US Soccer, positions are now given numbers in order to help explain their roles. Before diving into the formations, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the #'s of youth soccer positions. 2-3-1 Formation for 7 vs 7. The 2 -3-1 Formation above is for 7 vs. 7 soccer games. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of this formation: ADVANTAGES

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Teaching soccer positions to young players involves a lot more than randomly assigning each player a position. As beginning coaches soon learn, players cannot stand still when they are on the field; if they could, it would be easy. How to teach positions is one of the most difficult tasks a new coach faces.

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Generally, youth soccer teams have fewer players. Therefore, they also have fewer positions. In addition, young soccer players are encouraged to play in lots of different positions while they are learning the sport. This allows them to practice all the different skills needed on a soccer field.

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Soccer Positions, Assigning soccer positions, Assigning Positions, Forwards, Strikers, Goalkeepers, Fullbacks. One of the most important jobs as a coach is putting the right players in the right positions. At the younger ages, set the initial lineup is only a starting point for the game, but the older the kids get, the more important it is to hold a player's position.