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Is Offshore Gambling Legal? (United States Betting Laws in 2021)

America’s Puritan roots show up big-time when it comes to the gambling industry. While offshore gaming isn’t technically legal, bettors like you and me don’t face any threat of legal action against us when we play our favorite offshore games of chance and skill. It’s the providers of those games that are in legal jeopardy.

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Offshore Gambling from the U.S. Legal? Short answer is No and the long answer likely arrives at No as well. The risk? It’s up for you to decide. Read on to get the full story. Offshore betting operators have long been in operation since the advent of the internet, going as far back as 25 years.

US Offshore Gambling Laws | Offshore Gambling Laws In The USA

US Offshore Gambling Laws. There is a lot of hype surrounding the gambling industry in the United States, specifically the online gambling industry. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for online gambling options, forcing states to amend their gambling legislation one way or another. The demand has also forced the Federal government to look at US online gambling laws and how they should be applied.

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So, if you’ve been wondering is offshore betting illegal, that’s your answer. Offshore betting and casino operators and sportsbooks have no legal grounds to offer their betting services in the US. They operate outside of the scope of the laws and some of them have been successful flying under the radar for a while now, which is what creates confusion with some bettors.

How Safe is Betting Offshore and Is It Legal?

Share. For years, offshore betting has been a common way for serious gamblers to bet money, and as interest in sports wagers is on the rise, the popularity of offshore betting is also increasing. Gamblers can bet on a variety of topics such as sports, poker, casino games, and more, and as long as the sportsbook offers it, they are good to go.

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Yes. You can bet real money with these offshore gambling sites because they are legally sanctioned and regulated. The only condition is that you are limited to certain deposit and payout methods depending on which site you use. The more common deposit methods include credit/debit card, money transfers and Bitcoin.

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If a site is not overseen by any American gambling governing body in any state – which would make them commonly known as an offshore betting site – they’re not legal in any form in the country. The difference between the legality of something like the Betway casino USA , for instance, entirely depends on their licensing and whether they’re covered by any relevant and credible authority.

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Is offshore gambling illegal in the US? Offshore gambling falls into the grey area, as each US state has different laws when it comes to online gambling. There are a handful of US states that have a licensed and regulated online gambling market. However, the majority of US states explicitly online gambling, which could be interpreted to include offshore gambling.