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3/2 – Wingback (LWB, RWB): This position defends like other defensive backs but is a more offensive position, like a winger. They play wide left and right, running up and down the field. This position requires a lot of stamina and can be more physically demanding than other positions. 5 – Sweeper (SW): This position isn’t as common nowadays. When used, this player positions themselves between the goalie and the main defensive line.

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While centrebacks used to simply lump the ball upfield, the modern-day centreback plays a key role in keeping the ball and passing it forwards or to the sides. This is why they need to have a decent level of technical skills and be cool under pressure when the opposition’s strikers press them and try and force them into mistakes.

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As one of the most skilled soccer positions on the pitch, the fullback must be able to read the game, knowing when to get forward and attack or when to drop back and defend. But it’s important to remember that their first job is to defend and support their center backs.

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Left/Right Fullback: The fullback in soccer is the wide defensive position. Their main job is to defend from wide positions, usually stopping opposition wingers from getting crosses into the box. In the modern era they also have a job when attacking, in supporting the wide midfielders or wingers.

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Also known as the goalie or keeper, their position is right in front of the net. Goalies are typically the last line of defense to keep the opponent from scoring. This is the only position allowed to use hands and arms to block shots and pick up the ball during gameplay, but this only applies within the designated penalty area.

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Wing-backs [Right & Left] (RWB/LWB) Traditionally Assigned Soccer Position Numbers: 2, 3 & 6. The wing-back position is similar to the full-back in that wing-backs play close and along the ...

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Your basic guide. In order to understand modern Soccer and the different positional numbers that have evolved, it is first necessary to look at a traditional Soccer ‘eleven’. The ‘classic eleven‘ players of a soccer team were numbered 1-11 and played in a 4-4-2 formation. That’s 4 players in defense, 4 players in midfield and 2 players ‘upfront’ as forwards.