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Giant Puffball Mushroom Identification and Cultivation

Giant puffballs are aptly named. They are usually quite large, reaching soccer ball size or bigger. They usually have a circumference (distance around) of 4 to 30 inches, although larger ones are not uncommon. Cap/Stem: There is no distinct cap and stem with these mushrooms; instead they exist as just large, white globes.

Giant Puffball | Missouri Department of Conservation

Spore print greenish brown. Spores magnified are round. A giant puffball can be very large — as big as a soccer ball or even much larger. Lookalikes: Some other types of white mushrooms, including the deadly destroying angel (Amanita bisporigera), have stages in which they could be mistaken for a puffball. Make sure you cut through any puffball from top to bottom to confirm that it is pure white inside, like a marshmallow, with no sign of a cap or stem.

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Giant puffballs: Soccer ball-sized mushrooms can be found in ...

About the size of a soccer ball, or a bowling ball, some can grow quite large, up to 30 inches in diameter. Johanna Zimmerly found such a mushroom in her front yard in the eastern part of Frederick.

Giant puffballs, Calvatia gigantea :Cornell Mushroom Blog

A mushroom can easily be identified as a giant puffball by its giant size, shallow craters, misshapen spherical shape, lack of a stipe (stem), bright smooth white skin with irregular cracks at maturity. But caution must be taken because it can easily be mistaken for volleyballs or soccer balls that have been left in fields or lost in the woods.

What is a Giant Puffball Mushroom? (with picture)

In many cases, a giant puffball mushroom can closely approach a soccer ball in size, and it can weigh up to 40 pounds (20 kilograms). When sliced open, a giant puffball mushroom will be pure white, with no trace of gills at all. The mushrooms should be trimmed to remove bad portions and brushed for dirt, if they are going to be eaten.

Bigger Than a #5 Soccer Ball! - Mushroom Appreciation

About a week ago we noticed a roughly circular group of very large, strikingly white puffball mushrooms in our backyard. They are positioned in a "pet cemetery" area, in which we have buried deceased pets over a period of 35 years--small dogs, cats, a rabbit, some birds, and perhaps a rat or hamster.

Giant Puffball Mushrooms The Size Of Soccer Balls Grow Around ...

NORTHBROOK — Check a patch of Chicago green space, and you might be lucky enough to find a mushroom that looks like a soccer ball. The Calvatia Gigantea, or giant puffball mushroom, can be found ...

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The Giant Puffball ("Calvatia gigantea") & it's smaller relatives are good mushrooms for beginners to try as they have no gills and are white inside. Their taste is rather bland so they take on the flavors of whatever they're cooked with. DON"T EAT ANY MUSHROOM UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE OF ITS IDENTITY!