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Kickspeed Radar for soccer from Sports Sensors

The KICK SPEED RADAR™ uses proven Doppler radar technology, attached to a large nylon-covered foam rubber Target that can be worn on either hand by the coach or an assistant or parent. Measure speeds from 12 mph to over 100 mph. • The KICK SPEED RADAR™ can be positioned by the coach as a target for the player to shoot at.

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‎KickPower - Soccer Ball Speed Detector on the App Store

KickPower will help you to improve your shooting technique by detecting the speed of a ball like a radar speed gun. Challenge your friends. It’s really fun. KickPower analyzes a video stream trying to find a flying ball. After it is detected, the distance to the ball is calculated by estimating its size on the screen.

Kick Speed Radar with Target - Soccer Equipment and Gear

Kick Speed Radar with Target Assists teaching soccer kick accuracy and power. It measures the speed of the kick, so the player's ability to hit the target with power can be quantified. Uses proven Doppler radar technology that is attached to the back of the vinyl-covered foam rubber target.

Pocket Radar | Soccer Radar Gun | Kick Speed - YouTube

See for yourself how Pocket Radar is a great all around training tool for soccer. This video will show you how the Pocket Radar will accurately measure kick ...

Soccer Radar Guns | Radar Sports

Dual Soccer Kick Inflatable Call For Price. Radar Sports Specials. On Sale Products. 10” Game Mound, Item IOP-9550 $ 2,895.00 $ 2,870.00. 6 inch portable game mound $ 795.00 $ 759.99. Six Inch Full Length Game Mound $ 1,595.00 $ 1,545.00. SR3600 Radar Gun with 2 LED 8 Inch Display Boards Package. Rated 4.75 out of 5.

KickPower - Soccer Ball Speed Detector

How hard can you kick a soccer ball? The world record exceeds 130 MPH (210 km/h). Do you think you can compete with professional players? KickPower will help you to improve your shooting technique by detecting the speed of a ball like a radar speed gun. Challenge your friends. It's really fun. How it works

Swing Speed Radar for Football - Sports Sensors

The Swing Speed Radar® is a small, affordable microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the football speed of football placekickers. The Swing Speed Radar® can be used to measure the speed of a football kicked by a place kicker practicing field goals or kick-offs. Simply place the Swing Speed Radar® about 10 inches away from the teed-up ball, facing the direction of the ball flight, as shown in the accompanying illustration.

Planet Entertainment - Soccer Cage & Speed Radar - YouTube

"How fast are you going now?". Use the soccer themed speed cage option to test your kick speed and accuracy. As you kick the soccer ball into our sports cage...

The ball kicking speed: A new, efficient performance ...

When comparing all soccer kicks, participants achieved highest speed with IKDL (U-15 first team 100.27±4.76 km/h vs. reserves 90.59±8.61 km/h; U-17 first team 107.43±4.65 km/h vs. reserves 100.86±5.56 km/h; and U-19 first team 111.3±4.35 km/h vs. reserves 106.94±6.15 km/h) while, as expected, the lowest speed was with SFKNL (U-15 first team 80.27±6.69 km/h vs. reserves 71±11.42 km/h; U-17 first team 87.87±7.58 km/h vs. reserves 82.82±7.2 km/h; and U-19 first team 90.2±6.07 km/h vs ...