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Guide to Strings ( Introduction ) - Tennis Stringing

Every time one takes a swing at the tennis ball, the only equipment that actually makes contact with the ball is the tennis strings. Tennis strings and its choice of tension are much more important than what one usually thinks. In terms of feel and performance that comes from your tennis equipments, String and Tension are actually responsible for 60-70% and the tennis racquet only 30-40%. This is much against one’s intuition given the amount of marketing and promotions that Tennis racquets ...

How Tennis Strings "Go Dead — Part 2"

Part of the answer lies in the structure of the string. Synthetic tennis strings are extruded, drawn plastics. They are made of molecules known as polymers, which are very long chain molecules. They are chains of many ("poly") repeating units ("mer") — i.e., "polymer."

Measurements of string tension in a tennis racket

It is not widely known that the tension in a tennis string decreases rapidly during the stringing process. Thereafter, the tension decreases at a steadily decreasing rate (Cross et al. 2000). One of the reasons for the rapid drop in tension is the high initial rate of stress relaxation. For example, if a fresh sample of nylon string is tensioned to 28 kg

How natural gut strings became key to spin in pro tennis ...

The first tennis strings, created in 1875, were formed from sheep intestine. While Babolat—now a tennis company—still creates natural gut string from its Lyon, France, facility, the tide has ...

Why Is Tennis String Stiffness So Important To Power?

Tennis strings are made of several materials and constructions. This means that as you stretch different strings of the same length, some will be easier than others to stretch. But they all share similar behaviors. A long string stretches more than a short one. A thick string is more difficult to stretch than a thin one of the same length.

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THE TENNIS JONES: Introduction to YTEX Strings & “Triangle ...

A preview of YTEX strings that will be reviewed and groove hitting with YTEX “Triangle Twisted” co-poly string

GOSEN CO., LTD. | Racket Sports Site

MOVIES. Our new product "INFERNO" coming out in late November 2016! GOSEN released finely blended polyester tennis string "G-TOUR 1". VIEW ALL.

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Unlike the tennis ball, the strings store energy by deforming. Due to their high elasticity, the strings recover from deformation about five times more quickly than the massive racket frame, allowing a greater efficiency in returning the stored energy back to the ball – almost all of the energy stored in the strings eventually returns to the ball.