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The serve is always made by the team that previously earned a point. If team A has just won a point, they serve. If they serve and win a point again, they serve again and again until the opposing team eventually earns a point. In short, the team who earned the point gains the right to serve.

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With that being the case, the volleyball serve rules state that when you serve, only one toss is allowed once the referee has blown their whistle. Once a player tosses the ball up for their serve, if they catch the ball without completing their service action, that is a fault and the referee will blow their whistle and award the opposing team the ball.

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Rules of Service. The rules of serving the ball are as follows: A Player can serve underhand or overhand, jump when they serve, and stay on the ground when they serve. A player can not hit the ball with two hands, toss the ball in the air twice, or dribble or move the ball around before the serve. A Player must stand behind the end line and serve the ball in eight seconds.

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11. Can I Catch The Serving Toss In Volleyball? The international rules clearly state that only one toss of the ball is allowed. If you toss the ball, whatever the result ends up being, that’s your serve. Most leagues don’t hold to that standard. Players are usually taught that they are not allowed to toss and catch the ball, however.

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Volleyball Serving Rules Possession. When the team that served the ball loses the rally the other team gets possession of the ball, according to... Ball Drop. If the person serving the ball steps into the court or on the line before she hits the ball, the team loses... Hitting the Net. When a serve ...

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Underhand Serve Start with your feet in an up-and-back stride position with the weight on the back right foot. Ball is held in the left hand in front of your body just below your waist, in front of the right hip. Shoulders and upper body should be slightly leaning forward. Eyes are focused on the ...

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This format of play allows for six total players on the court at a time, designating “front row” and “back row” positions on the court differentiated by a 3m line (10 ft). All players rotate in a clockwise order through the six positions on the court. The order in which players rotate is called “serving order.”.

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Only 6 players can be on the court to compete. Three (3) players are allowed in the front row and three (3) are backcourt players. Each team has one libero allowed to be on the court during a rally. Each team needs 1-2 players designated as a captain.